The thinking behind this idea of 80 Per Cent Awesome can be applied to our work and business lives too.  Whether as individuals or teams seeking to optimise our performance, the 80 Per Cent Awesome approach focuses on playing to strengths, building value in our work and understanding the why as much as achieving targets.

Through our workshops, community and online engagement, we introduce tools and approaches for the whole team, enabling each to overcome the obstacles and to work together to achieve positive outcomes.

The Lean Life Canvas Workshop

Based roughly on the Pareto principle, this is about recognising that it’s impossible to deliver 100% awesome at all times, even if resources are limitless. What simplicity can you bring to life to ensure you protect your energy and performance?

This workshop – up to 2.5 hours – is designed by two women – Rachel Picken and Claire Eason-Bassett: business leaders, professionals, mothers, daughters, partners. They began their journey with Agile methodology in 2012 – Rachel applying it to public relations, Claire applying it to event management.

The Lean Life Canvas – first unveiled at Agile conference Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna in October. It covers:

– Identify how to deliver excellence, simplicity and value into your life every day.

– Identify what brings you Joy and Energy – what fills up the tank.

– Understand what it takes to let go: How to embrace a Zero Funks Given approach.

– Understand: What is your Minimum Viable Product for a fulfilled life?

– Future planning. What to stop, what to start, what to carry on.

Expect a practical, fun and supportive workshop with plenty of colourful post it notes and shared experiences.

Claire and Rachel will bring some of their thinking to life with real life examples, from staying sane during holiday season to nailing career and life goals, and from keeping on top of the mental chaos to creating your own high-performance family team.

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