Awesomes, we have missed you! But we are BACK! Swinging somewhere between 10% Awesome (just about holding it together) and the hallowed 80%, but we are here.

After wading through treacle of 2021, or so it seems, we have collaborated with our friends at the Inclusivity Project to execute some market research to find out what people find useful about our tool, the Lean Life Canvas.

We are there for running four, yes FOUR free Lean Life Canvas workshops during February. All on Zoom so you can attend in your comfiest pyjamas or your most glamorous ballgown – you decide.

We’ve scheduled four different dates and times, with the hope there will be something to suit most busy humans.

Saturday 19 February at 10.30 BOOK HERE

Monday 21 February at 19:00 BOOK HERE

Friday 25 February at 10.30am BOOK HERE

Wednesday 2 March at 19:00 BOOK HERE

As well as free tickets, we are offering Lean Life Canvas packages for £10 to go with the workshop if you would like the real deal, in your hands, along with some lovely post it notes and a new sharpie pen to adorn your canvas with.

Would love to see you there – whether you are new to the Lean Life Canvas or if you would like a refresh


Rachel and Claire xx

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