I know it’s a typically British thing to never be satisfied with the weather and I love that the sun is shining, but it’s really too hot for me right now.  I find that everything feels unachievable in this kind of heat. I don’t sleep well and I am then exhausted by everything. 

80% seems impossible but I think it all depends on your perspective. In this kind of weather and in our current circumstances, high performance is relative. Today, operating at 80% awesome for me is managing to get the washing out on the line at 7am. (Please note that the awesome thing about this is that I remembered to hang it out first thing.)

In this heat, 80% is not moving around as much as possible, taking time to just hang out, not stressing about how much screentime the boy is having, and trying to not get cross with everyone. All the things I usually worry about – losing weight, work emails, tidy house, money…. – can all be suspended for a bit.  I have decided that this is an opportunity for enforced relaxation. Rather than think about the stuff I can’t do, I’m thinking about what I can do which includes reading, writing, planning, talking, chilling out, watching movies, booking exciting future things, meditation, contemplation and appreciating the positives. 

The heat and the stress of lockdown is creating conditions for anger, grumpiness, stroppiness and lack of consideration. We aren’t thinking straight. These are not conditions for good decision-making. So change it up. The Agile manifesto states that agile practice is about responding to change over following the plan. So throw the plan out, respond to the change of circumstances, look at what you can control and influence to enable you to be at your best.

Sounds easy. It really isn’t. It can be hard to dispel the red mist. Take a breath. Find ways to lower your body temperature so you can see and think more clearly. And if you are in a position where you have to move about in this heat, then please take it steady. All you need to do is the minimum viable. 

My top tip for coping with this heat is to wet your T-shirt under the cold tap and put it on. Instantly more comfortable. Also, drink plenty of water. 

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